Art Show and Custom Printing

Beware the Cheese offers all of our work in various formats and styles. We've done large format formal prints of our photos for various customers, as well as special edition greeting cards for corporations. We're more than happy to fill your needs with our photographs.

On top of the posters we have available through, and our stock photos available through, we are happy to work with you on custom work and prints to suit any needs that you might have.

With more than 20 years experience within the print, design, and photography industry, we'll be more than happy to take any of our images, and make them work for you.

We've also shown our work at many art shows and galleries in Greece, Canada, and Cyprus, and we're keen to show even more. If you'd like to carry our work at your gallery, or even if you'd like to put up a one time show, please contact us.