Chris Stewart is a Canadian artist living abroad. When he tells people that he’s an artist, the first question out of their mouths is “what kind of artist?” This most often leads to a conversation that lasts at least forty-five minutes.

His initial training was studying animation, eventually working at an animation studio for over five years, honing his skills as an artist, editor and photographer. During this time, Chris also started a fun little website dedicated to his love of candy. This website,, quickly became a huge success on the Internet, garnering attention from many national newspapers, magazines and television shows.

After his years at the animation studio, Chris ventured off (with his lovely wife Allison) to pursue his own artistic interests. He started his own photography business ( and continued to work on Candy Critic. He also managed to fit the time in to earn a degree in Communications at Carleton University.

Chris continues to work on his artistic projects, as well as shooting commercially. His projects include writing a book, working on fine art photography, and exploring all of the inspirations the world has to offer.