- We had a great show at Nomad Gallery from November 7th till November 9th 2015. We showed works from several of fine art pieces from Senses and From Stone, as well as some photographic prints. We also debuted two new pieces inspired by our time in Pakistan (T4U and Ribbon Through The Land).

- Our final show in Athens happened on June 4th at the Canadian Institute in Greece. We showed pieces from this collection as well as some of our other fine art and photography collections. It's a tribute to all of the inspiration we discovered in Greece. The show went really well and was a great closer to our time in Greece.

- On Thursday September 20th we showed several pieces from From Stone at the Finnish Institute at Athens.

- On Friday May 18th 2012, we opened a show at the Finnish Institute in Athens. Showing samples from Senses, From Stone, and a few of our standard shots. The opening night was a huge success.